Choose the Right HVAC System for Your New Home


Choose the Right HVAC System for Your New Home

When building a new home, there are several options to choose regarding your HVAC system, or Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning. Each home-owner has their own needs and preferences. When planning your new home construction, Columbia Home Solutions will work with you in attaining your desired indoor environment.

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While most homes will want a standard central air system, there are multiple ways to heat your home. The most popular types are hydronic baseboard, warm air furnace, hydro-air and heat pumps/mini-split systems. There are key differences between each of these, so let’s start with an overview.

  • Hydronic Baseboard Heat: This system distributes hot water throughout a house to provide radiant heat via baseboard radiators. It can be very efficient because the hot water continues heating the home even after the system turns off. One major disadvantage is that any cooling system will have to be purchased and installed separately. 
  • Warm Air Furnace: Millions of homes across the country use a furnace (whether gas or oil fired) to keep them warm. It’s a great option for heat in New York winters and can be easily modified to include central A/C. Heat and air are distributed throughout the house through ductwork.
  • Hydro-Air System: As its name implies, this system is a combination of boiler & hot water heat production that warms coils in an air handler into which air is blown. Like the warm air furnace, the heated air is distributed via a ductwork system, which makes it easy to add A/C.

Heat Pump / Mini-Splits: Essentially, each room will have its own mini-heat pump. These units are powered by electricity, which could be expensive to use. One major advantage to this system is the versatility of heating or cooling rooms to individual taste and use. Plus, it doesn’t require the installation of ductwork.

Zoned HVAC Systems

Particularly in large houses, installing an HVAC system that allows control of your home’s temperature in zones can make it more comfortable and save you money. A zoned HVAC system allows homeowners the option to heat and cool different areas of your house according to use and preference. Some of the popular HVAC systems allow this flexibility better than others. If you would like to implement zoned heating and cooling in your home, we encourage choosing Hydronic Baseboard as your home system or individual Heat Pump / Mini-Splits in each room.

Heating AND Cooling

Although the focus of New York HVAC systems remains on heating your home, the summer can get hot and new home HVAC systems generally provide cooling, as well. Not all popular systems are easily adapted to provide cooling. If you are interested in incorporating a cooling option into your HVAC, it’s best to choose a Warm Air Furnace or Hydro-Air system. You can also find Heat Pump / Mini-Split units that provide both heated and cooled air.

Best for the Environment

Of these choices, you’ll find Radiant Baseboard Heating to be the most energy-efficient. This type of heat gets the energy-efficient distinction because it requires less cycling on and off because the heat is more long-lasting. It also improves the indoor air quality of your home because the water-based heat delivery contains less allergens, pet dander and dust than air being blown through ductwork.


Overall, your new home will be warm and cozy all winter with any of these HVAC systems installed. You have to choose what works best for your goals, including heating and cooling options, environmental concerns and budget. Columbia Home Solutions works with our customers and HVAC contractors to find the best option for their new home. You might want to talk to the professionals yourself at:


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