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We build modular homes in these counties:

We have been building homes and remodeling since 1985. Visit our ABOUT US section for more details.

There are many benefits to using modular construction:  

  • Built in a Climate Controlled Environment. – This means less delays due to inclement weather.  It also means better quality because of weather exposure to materials as well as workers. When workers are cold or wet, they don’t perform as well and their own quality standards get compromised. (I know this from experience!) Weather damage can impact the overall quality of the home before construction is even completed.
  • Timing – Site work, such as excavation and foundation, can be completed while the house is being constructed at the factory, all at the same time. This speeds up the overall construction process.
  • Cost – Modular construction offers efficiencies not attainable in the field. The factory setting eliminates the need for scaffolding and ladders, the time and effort it takes workers to climb up and down and, not to mention all the time it takes to set it up and tear down, over and over.  The entire  process is more methodical and quality controlled.

Absolutely! As an authorized builder of Westchester Modular homes, we can arrange for you to take a factory tour.

Green Modular Home Building is a design and construction process that saves energy and natural resources while protecting the environment. A green built modular home creates less waste, uses less energy and less water to manufacture. Our homes participates in the Energy Star and LEED programs that encourage the growth of green building. We recycle materials, reduce material waste, and have a low environmental impact on the house site. Learn more about Green Building here!

No. Columbia Home Solutions will take you step by step through the entire modular building process and show you why more people are choosing to build modular than ever before. If you own your land, contact us to discuss your goals and desires for your new home. If you are interested in looking for land to build modular, we can help you search for the perfect property and begin to discuss your home wish list.

You have! Many thanks for visiting our website! The best way to get started is to CONTACT US. Our goal is to speak with you and learn about your dreams and goals for your home. We offer FREE QUOTES and look forward to helping you from the start.

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