The Process of Building Your New Custom Home

Custom Modular Home Under Construction
Two Story Colonial Home Under Construction

The Process Of Building Your New Custom Home

Are you shopping for a new home but can’t find the one you’re looking for?  Have you considered building a new home the way you want it?  This is what a custom home is.  If you are wondering how the process works, read on.

First, there are some things to consider and each person’s needs and circumstances are unique.

  • First thing first, set your budget. If you need financing, and most people do, you will need to talk to some lenders and see how much you would be approved for. Notice that is plural. Seek out more than one lender. Different lenders have varying programs and requirements. For example, if you are planning on taking part in various parts of the construction process, you will be considered a GC (General Contractor). This means you will be doing or hiring various contractors directly and organizing the work. Some lenders don’t allow this, others are more flexible, like The Bank of Greene County
    • Whether you are your own General Contractor or need complete “turn-key” construction services, working with Columbia Home Solutions as your custom home builder will have you covered. We can be your complete turn-key building contractor / project manager or you can take care of such things as excavation, septic, HVAC, (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), plumbing, & electrical, etc.
    • If you already own the land or have substantial equity in it, you may be able to use that as your initial down payment. Or, you may be able to finance your lot and build later when you’re ready. Check out M & T Bank for these details.
    • If you already own your current home, you may be able to use the equity in that. This may be useful if you an “empty-nester” and are scaling down for retirement. You can then put you current home on the market.
  • Do you already have land?  If so, you are a step ahead in the right direction.  If not, and you are shopping for land, it is wise to get an idea of the type of house you desire and at least a “ball park” estimate of what it will cost.  This process will help you refine your plans.  You will be able to assess what you can spend on the land.  You may need to alter your house plan, your choice of building lot or both.
    • When shopping for land, ask if it is BOHA (Board of Health Approved) for a septic. If so, you will need to know what it is approved for. Each building lot will have it’s own engineered septic plan and the systems can vary quite a bit, as does the cost.
  • Need home plans?  No problem. We have many stock plans to choose from.  These plans can usually be modified to meet your needs and fit your circumstances.  Feel free to browse the many floor plans on the website.  You can then contact me for some insight as to the cost to build the home. We can also discuss the many options you have.  I will be more than happy to help you.